I’m about to be the friend you didn’t know you were missing but won’t want to live without!

I am a mom to three boys and an angel girl, podcaster, heart & mind coach, speaker and CEO of My Friend Mesha - the best place to go to help you figure out how to keep your state and to help you navigate on your pathway of life.

For as long as I can remember, I have been so interested in the hearts of others and in the power that our thoughts have in the way life is for us. I geek out over these topics. Anything to do with the brain, quantum physics, heart intelligence, meditation - I can’t get enough.

In college I studied Communication with an emphasis in Family Studies and graduated from ASU. I am also a registered HeartMath Technician through the Heart Math Institute. The reality is that I have learned more from the school of hard knocks and from the beautiful souls in my life, than I ever learned from a book.

I believe we largely alter our life simply by evaluating it and learning as we grow. It only adds to learn from the experiences of others and to celebrate incredible discoveries about the POWER we have right inside of our bodies that most people never learn about!

This is my passion

To help you unlock your power and to shine the light on it bright enough for you to see it.


About Me

I have a lot of energy and as I have matured it is starting to level out! I was always the girl dancing in the isles of the grocery stores and not really caring who saw.

I was in my zone! Even to this day if you put on a good beat I simply cannot help but dance!

My dad knew this and it is so endearing to me that when I would come home after being away, he always had a dance song in the que to blast as soon as I walked in the door.

He would push play and our whole family would get down!

I love connecting in the heart space with my people and adore the role of being a mom.

I love to learn and nature has a way of cleansing my soul.

I love a good hike, especially surrounded by lots of green. Green is a favorite of mine and I light up when there is ivy or moss or 20 shades of green in my view.

For over 20 years I have loved  yoga, whether in the studio or on my paddleboard!

I’ve been married twice,

The first time for 2 years at age 15 (no joke, listen to the podcast! and the second time for 24 years now.

I would say that marriages are not great because they don't have issues,

but marriages are great because of the way couples work through their issues.

Life and relationships require a lot of bending, learning, adapting and most of all, loving.

I am so grateful that Jake and I have stayed in it and are at the state we are in now.

When we give our heart and our person gives theirs, (albeit and frustratingly not always at the same time)

we can work through things that seem impossible.

Listen to our story here.

My Journey with My Friend Mesha

Once upon a time I had no clue you could even follow someone on Instagram, like the word influencer meant nothing to me. It was at this time that I started to feel inspired to start something, to share just little snippets that might help people through their lives. It started with Instagram, then YouTube, public speaking, TikTok, then podcasting and coaching. With each shift, I felt compelled and led that this was my path.

I tried to just listen even though it seemed so crazy and didn’t really make sense to me all the time. When I really couldn't believe in the next step, or got discouraged, something big always happened to reassure me that this indeed was what I should be spending my time on. I'm so thankful for each step in the road as it has led me to the coaching I am doing now that is so incredibly rewarding to me. Walking on your path with you is such a privilege and honor. I find so much victory in your victories.

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Fav podcasts I’ve guested on

Episode to help you understand heart coherence

Mindset Check -  Season 1, Episode 1

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Podcasts to listen to when:

You need a boost!

The story you believe, the story you listen to, the story you re-tell yourself: THAT STORY is the most important story that will ever be told in your life. Dive in and figure out how your cells are listening to every word you say and why it’s incredibly powerful to know that.

Happy listening!

You are processing or moving through grief

Moving through loss. Take a deep breath my friend we are jumping into the journal entry after Taylee's passing. I am hoping that by me sharing what I learned through my story that it will help you move through your own grief and help you to go through life with the ability to gain power from the adversity.

Loving you. 💛

You are trying to forgive

Facing the truth behind Taylees passing and my reasons in sharing. Hoping you see in this episode how much POWER you have in becoming bitter or better by the way you choose to handle opportunities for forgiveness.

I know it's hard. I love the words of Desmond Tutu when he said "Those who say forgiving is a sign of weakness haven’t tried it." Hoping this message finds your heart in the right place.

Loving you through it 💛

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You are stressed

Last week we talked about letting in the light when your world feels dark. Here are my 4 favorite tips for bringing in the light and to LET GO of the stress. 💛

You need to be reminded of who you are

The number one predictor of who you are is who you BELIEVE you are. Time to talk about the truth you are believing about you!

Hoping this message brings great inspiration to your life. 💛

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