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Helping you to meditate effectively.

Even if you have never done so.

Why do we need meditation?

To help us distill STRESS 

To gain back our ATTENTION

To assist us with our MENTAL HEALTH

And so much more!

Learning mindfulness or the ability to interact or not

interact with your mind is the key to rewriting your brain

patterns and to bring about a higher vibration in your life.

It is a pivotal ingredient to help you live the life you desire!

Meditation teaches your body the pathway

To a clear mind

To be in charge of your thoughts

To create a new internal pharmacy

To manifest and create a new life

Meditation + Heart Coherence

= Magic

Feel your heart

in every meditation

All the meditations you'll find here involve your heart. As a registered HeartMath Technician I have found that the heart has a beautiful way of helping us bring forward more powerfully what we are setting out to accomplish in meditation. It allows access to living in a whole new way that brings power and feels incredible.

You will find all meditations below that help you with certain areas in your life. To suggest a new category DM on instagram!

I would love to create meditation packages that help you with the area you are wanting to focus on!  To learn more about heart coherence click here.

Beginner Meditation Mini Course

You may have felt frustration with meditation in the past. That’s why I am bringing you this course that helps you learn the art of meditation in 10 minutes! There are 5 powerful lessons that are under 5 minutes and each one has a corresponding meditation that is also 5 minutes. It’s the perfect amount of time to keep it simple and even to do together with your kids.

Tuning In With Your Heart

Walk for the World

Changing Boxes — Short Version

The Alchemist

Love the Life You Love

The Courageous Heart

Morning and Evening Meditations, Volume 2

Higher Love - A Meditation for


Generating Joy

There will be more added….

We could say something for now like more to come!

Wake up to the power of your heart

so you can live in a state of bliss!

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